Terminal software

General description

Ukrspecsystems company developed system for remote observing from different cameras on ground, on air. This system called Terminal. Operator has access to all cameras, can make different marks on map, reveal enemy vehicles, enemy troops. Main Idea of Terminal system is safety remote observing, surveillance and full time monitoring of important areas with high risk for life. Ours system is serve for border control for monitoring area of military action. Terminal is grid, which consist from many cameras. Terminal – client-server software and hardware complex, that works with different optical sensors: fixed cameras, cameras on UAVs, cameras on aircraft, UAV-recorded video files and photos, and allows easily calculate the coordinates of objects in the camera field of view with high accuracy. It also shows them and other objects in augmented reality mode.
All objects are classified with MIL-STD-2525c. Attached images are stored on the server and available for view and edit by other users. Terminal servers can communicate with each other and with other military and civilian geo-information. 
Terminal system has 5 available work modes, which have different functional abilities and serve for different tasks:
-Headquarter mode
-surveillance cameras operator
-UAV data post processing analytic
-scout spotter from UAV
Terminal system allows work of several users. Users access to the PAC server through a standard browser (Firefox or Chrome) using HTTPS. Users log in by login and password.
Terminal is innovation system for security and protection, monitoring, surveillance, border control. Terminal allows to use enormous quantity of cameras and get precision coordinates, operators can make marks on map, add description for suspiciously objects, analyze information, reveal strange objects, enemy vehicles, save all data on server. Internal image editor makes imagery processing faster and easier. Embedded database of arms and other military equipment contains side and aerial imager, which could make the target identification process more effective. Our system is combat proven and uses by Ukrainian Armed Forces and protected from interference.
The software provides triangulation of coordinates of objects in the visual field of one or more cameras by coupled observation.
It allows artillery units to perform correction of artillery fire and to spot enemy firing batteries far away.


Protection from interference

5 available work modes

Combat proven system

Any number of cameras

Several users