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Advanced EO/IR/LRF camera systems line

Wide range of EO/IR/LRF gyro-stabilized gimbals for fixed-wing and multi-rotor platforms.
Our gimbals can be installed on commercial drones, UAVs, small manned aircraft, helicopters, rotary UAVs, and the vast majority of commercial off-the-shelf multi-rotor drones. We offer proven solutions that comply with the highest quality standards.


USG-400 EO/IR/LRF gimbal

USG-405 is a multi-sensor, gyro-stabilized gimbal with a Full HD day-view camera with 30x optical zoom, an IR sensor, and a laser rangefinder.


USG-231 EO gimbal

USG-231 is a lightweight gimbal for small fixed-wing and VTOL platforms. USG-231 is equipped with a Full HD day-view camera with 30x optical zoom.


USG-261 EO gimbal

USG-261 is a compact gyro-stabilized gimbal designed for small UAVs. A high-resolution EO sensor provides a zoom up to 10x.

Other UAS components

Proven components for your unmanned aerial systems. Our products are being utilized all over the world by industrial and commercial professionals.

Tracking antenna

Our antenna tracker maximizes radio communication range between your drone and the ground control station and therefore allows to use of the maximum potential of the data link. 

Pneumatic UAV Launching System

UAV launching system is designed to launch unmanned aerial vehicles with a different take-off weights.

pitot tube

The pitot tube is equipped with a heating system that serves as protection against icing, which allows the drones to operate in various climatic conditions.

Aerowatcher mission control software

Aerowatcher system control

Aerowatcher software allows controlling EO/IR camera payloads, effectively collecting data, analyzing it, and generating reports.

The report will summarize your flights with details like time, date, duration, distance, detected objects, and flight path. Right after that, you will find every detected object with descriptions, coordinates, photos, and their locations on the map.
Upgrade your camera with advanced features! 


Catalog of UAS Components

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