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We are offering only proven solutions that comply with the highest quality standards, all of the products were deployed in the field intentionally since 2018. Reliably and performance are proved in different countries, with completely different end-users and climate (from -20 to +45 C). We guarantee when you get one of our products you are getting our experience of many years of hard work implemented in every technical decision made in our products.

Our Story


UAS Components is a part of Ukrspcesystems company. We started in 2014 with development of our PD-1 unmanned aerial system. Because of lack of high quality affordable components on the market we had to start our own production of UAV airframe, camera gimbal, avionics, engine module and other subsystems and supportive equipment that we used in PD-1 UAS. Over the time we started to receive many request to provide those systems separately from our UAS, this is how the idea to start UAS Components project was born. Right now UAS Components is independent division of Ukrspecsystems focused to provide high quiality components for your unmanned aerial systems. 

Our products are being used in different countries


    United States of America
    United Kingdom

    United Arab Emirates
    Saudi Arabia
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    Ukrspecsystems is Ukrainian leading company in the field of developing and operating high-end unmanned aerial systems and components since 2014. We are proud to share our experience with you through our products.


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