Advanced camera systems

We offer a wide range of EO/IR/LRF gyro-stabilized gimbals for fixed-wing and multi-rotor platforms. Our gimbals suit various types of aircraft, including commercial drones, UAVs, small manned aircraft, helicopters, rotary UAVs, and commercial off-the-shelf multi-rotor drones. We provide only proven solutions that meet the highest quality standards.


USG - 405 EO/IR/LRF gimbal

The USG-405 is a three-sensor camera system designed for UAVs. It features a Full HD day-view camera with 30x optical zoom, an uncooled IR sensor, and a laser rangefinder with a range of up to 5 km.


USG - 231 EO gimbal

The USG-231 is a lightweight, gyro-stabilized mini gimbal suitable for fixed-wing and VTOL platforms. It features a Full HD day-view camera with 30x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom.


USG - 261 EO gimbal

The USG-261 gimbal is our smallest and lightest solution, specifically designed for small UAVs of any configuration. It features a Full HD day-view camera with 10x optical zoom and weighs only 300 grams.

Antenna Trackers for UAS

Antenna Trackers for the ground control station of your UAV. Enables a higher communication range. 

UAV launching system

Versatility is the key. No matter the size or weight of your UAV, we have a catapult solution to fit your needs.


Bungee SCLUAV launching system

The bungee catapult is designed to launch UAVs with a takeoff weight of up to 13.5 kg at a speed of 18 m/s (65 km/h).


Pneumatic GLSUAV launching system 

The pneumatic catapult GLS-1A is designed to launch UAVs with a takeoff weight of up to 40 kg at a speed of 17 m/s (61 km/h).

Heated Pitot Tube

The Pitot Tube is equipped with a heating system, serving as a safeguard against icing, thus allowing its operation under various climatic conditions.


Aerowatcher mission control software

Control software for EO/IR camera payloads with a wide range of features.

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