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    USG-212 EO/IR gimbal

    USG-212 multi-sensor gyro-stabilized gimbal was designed to be used on UAV and small manned aircraft. The gimbal is equipped with Full HD camera with a 30x optical zoom and a high quality thermal camera.

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    USG-211 EO gimbal

    USG-211 gyro-stabilized gimbal with Full HD camera can be mounted on any fixed-wing or VTOL unmanned aerial vehicle. It is equipped with Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom. 

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    Tracking antenna for UAS

    Tracking antenna for ground control station of your UAV. Enables higher communication range. 

  • Video Processing System

    Video processing system 

    The video processing module is serves for multi-channel reception and video stream processing. Onboard video processing supply a lot of advantages to unmanned vehicles, such as low ...

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    Bungee UAV launching system SCL-1A

    Bungee launching system SCL-1A is designed to launch unmanned aerial vehicles with a takeoff weight of up to 10 kg at a speed of 25 m/s (90 km/h).

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    Pneumatic UAV launching system GLS-1A

    Unmanned aircraft are essential vehicles for intelligence and observing and launching process is very important but in harsh locations not always able to start UAV from runway stripe and in this case ...

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    Fully composite fixed-wing airframe

    Fully composite fixed-wing airframe with 4 meters wing-span. Can be upgraded with VTOL module to enable vertical take off and landing capability.

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    Engine unit

    Advanced two cylinder, four stroke engine unit for your drone.
    Equipped with onboard electric generator, fuel tank, fuel level sensor and much more other useful features. 

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    Fuel station

    Fuel station for your drone. Will help you to make fuel and defuel process faster and safer.

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    Video link

    Digital video link system provide wireless transmission of video signal over the air up to 50 km with line of sight conditions. This system is designed for UAV and light piloted aircraft.

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    Aerowatcher mission control software

    Control software for EO/IR camera payloads with wide range of features.

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