Search and rescue
Emergency response
Police assistance

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  • Search & rescue 

    The goals of UAS Components team is to help people all over the world. We try to create technical solutions, which are helping to save humans` lives in different situations. Thus, we can confidently offer you our products for search of missing people and equipment in different parts of our planet. Our equipment is able to make search and analysis in hard-to-reach areas of the Earth, to create reports while searching and to operate in accordance with included protocols. By the use of emergency locator transmitters ELT we can find people in distress and, by dropping of emergency radio beacon EPIRB, we can assist in rescue water operations. Often at critical moments every minute may cost human`s life and our main task is to minimize time spent to help people.

  • Emergency response

    Our world is not safe and we all know it. We are not immune from unforeseen situations and emergencies. Every year cataclysms and disasters more and more remind us of human`s insecurity and helplessness, they come suddenly and cause at times huge damage to the mankind. We can’t prevent hard and sometimes cruel laws of the nature but we do our best to help people as quickly as possible and to collect qualitatively all necessary information and manage prevention or consequences thereof. We designed our product as universal tool for collecting all necessary information, from the height, about what is going on and the flexibility of our software solutions allows adapting the equipment to all kinds of goals and tasks of our customers. We are ready to submit to you a range of our solutions according to the range of your tasks for the most accurate achievement of your goals.

  • Border control

    Ukrspecsystems Company is proud to offer you a highly qualified product as a complex of mission equipment to be installed on a high-speed small class unmanned aerial vehicle Solowing. Our equipment was created to meet the needs across various areas. One of such tasks is the border control, constant monitoring at any time and in any weather condition of unauthorized movements of equipment and people, prompt processing of received information and its transfer to the Control center. There is also an automatic mode of target lockon on following the discovery with the transmission of geographical coordinates to the control center, which allows border guard services to prevent operational boarder crossing by military personal.Technical specifications of our equipment and of the software make it easy to set all necessary tasks according to automatic protocols and to get the report automatically

  • Fire prevention

    Fire issues in the green areas of our planet become particularly relevant for the mankind these days. A huge damage occurs to the whole natural ecosystem from large-scale fires. Thus, for example, in Australia, according to an Australian professor from New South Wales, only in September 2019 from forest fires in the country about 34 species and subspecies of mammals have become extinct. 24 people died struggling with the elements… Our professionals were really confused by such a problem and we made a lot of efforts to create the equipment and the software allowing monitoring of open space areas and measuring of the temperature changes in selected preset area in automatic mode, which helps locate the fire, determine the scale, position and transmit all information to the Response Service in order to neutralize the inflammation. 

  • Police assistance

    Time, and also progress, does not stand still and in some advanced countries the police is already armed with thousands of unmanned aerial vehicles, which help the policeman to carry out a large number of tasks. Thus, for example, in the USA the UAV will help officers to search for disappeared persons, to take photos at the crime scene, to response to major road crashes, to do searching in coastal and forest areas and to fight crime against wildlife. In Britain, they are starting projects on traffic monitoring and identification of “dangerous” drivers racing on the roads. Our team tried to analyze current needs of police in different countries and has set itself the goal to create a product with appropriate options and of high quality to meet the goals of security in different countries. Thus, right now we are ready to offer you reliable and high-quality equipment to satisfy all necessary needs of police in different countries. Main advantage of our product, apart from high quality, is that we are ready to provide possibility, if necessary, to modify the software of our suspensions according to customers’ new goals and needs without modifying the technical part. 

  • Military

    Year by year the world is moving on, the vast majority of countries is taking into service UAV with different kind of equipment on board for different goals. Being in active development and having practical experience of use of our equipment for security objectives in different countries, we are ready to supply, to government offices of other countries, technical components with ready and tested technical solutions for safety and security inside the country. Our equipment is consistently tested and tried in practical flights, our specialists devote a lot of efforts to assure the security of data channels and to protect them from outside interference. Thanks to a range of our unique solutions, our equipment is considered as unique and rightfully one of the best in its segment. We are ready to consider public contracts to satisfy existing needs in the ranks of national security. Technical characteristics and possibilities of this kind of equipment constitute confidential information and shall be provided to a potential customer in negotiations. 

  • Wildlife monitoring/Anti-poaching

    Many branches turn to use the UAV for different kind of tasks, among them there are scientists. Flexibility of our technical solution gives us an opportunity to adapt the functioning of the software to collect information in different fields, whether counting of polar bears in the Arctic, or search of damaged areas in gas pipeline in a hard-to-access part, we are absolutely ready to assist you to manage your tasks by the use our equipment. Every customer is unique for us and we are ready to progress with you, studying more and more capabilities of humanity. 

  • Software development

    A particular characteristic of our company is continuous studying and learning of technical components and solutions of our competitors. We are not mediators in selling the equipment, our entire equipment and software has complete production cycle in our company. While studying, our specialists often face with high-quality technical solutions but with poor-quality software inside, that is why we decided to help the consumers to be fully sure in stability and quality of functioning of suspensions produced by our competitors. We are ready to assist you to install our software on the technical solution of other manufacturers that you have. We will completely adapt it according to your goals and tasks.