Facts About The USG-211 EO Gimbal Camera System From UAS Components

Facts About The USG-211 EO Gimbal Camera System From UAS Components

The current global setting is demanding more and more in terms of technological resources, and various large entities have taken this opportunity to provide users with the desired technical components. The USG-211 EO gimbal system produced by Uascomponents is one such effective resource for users in need of a perfect camera system for field use.

The good thing with the USG-211 is that it can be mounted on a VTOL (Vertical Take-Off and Landing) unmanned aerial systems as well as multi-rotor and fixed-wing aerial vehicles. It can also be mounted on small manned helicopters and other aircraft. The gyro-stabilized camera comes with a functional full HD sensor, ground control software, a video processing unit, onboard recording capability, target tracking, and video stabilization. Basically, the USG-211 EO gimbal camera is one of the best for use in ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance) missions.

The Package

To perfect the system for the intended use, Uascomponents avails the USG-211 with the accompaniment of all complementary solutions you need to complete your mission with zero hiccups. These solutions include:

·        The USG-211 camera gimbal itself

·        Anti-vibration unit

·        A package for technical support

·        A transport case (for carrying the system)

·        The control software

·        Video transmitter

·        Wiring provisions

·        A video processing unit

Control Software

The USG-211 camera gimbal comes with ground-based mission control software that allows the user to see the target as if they were on the flying drone. The user can use the available advanced features to add special features and effects on the map and generate mission reports (surveillance reports).

This control software is also used to navigate the camera and focus it at various angles and targets as per the user’s needs. In other words, the mission control software gives the user the ability to control the camera as if they were holding it in their hands as long as the drone is within the transmission range.

Technical Aspects

The USG-211 comes with an electro-optical, full HD EO sensor and a few other system specifications:

·        Power consumption: 12 V, 1.2 A

·        Weight: 1.5 kgs

·        Type: 2-axis gimbal

·        Command system: MAVlink and proprietary Pelco-D compatible

·        Zoom: 30x

·        Frame rate: 30 F/S

·        Resolution: 2 MP

·        Rotation coverage: Yaw (360 degrees), Pitch (30 degrees to -100 degrees)

System Features

Products from Uascomponents are known for their impeccable and precise features designed for optimal functioning. In this regard, the USG-211 system comes loaded with special features intended to satisfy the user’s needs.

1. Precision positioning: One of the integral roles of a good gimbal camera system is to aid the user in being conscious of what exactly they’re looking at. The USG-211 camera is designed with this purpose in mind, meaning that you can always use the camera screen intersection point to properly focus on the intended target.

2. It is ITAR Free: To make it more appealing to the users across the world, the USG-211 is available for export to any country of the user’s choice. In that respect, this gimbal camera qualifies as a pretty popular and preferred camera system by many.

3.      Environmental protection: It’s one thing to own a nice gimbal camera, and it’s an entirely different thing to have a functional camera system fully protected from external damage. The damage could result from rain or snow. Fortunately, the USG-211 is sealed to protect it from damage by unfavorable weather and other environmental conditions.

4. Anti-vibration: To ensure that you receive the best, high-quality images, the USG-211 EO Gimbal is fitted with a highly effective anti-vibration unit that ensures that the camera is always still and focused on the target.

5. Target tracking: Besides the many impressive features it offers, this system can be set to automatically track and follow the target around. This way, you don’t have to struggle to re-acquire the target every time it moves. This is very important especially when the gimbal is used on a fixed-wing aerial vehicle.

6. Impressive dimensions: In the world of cameras, size and weight matter. The USG-211 is just 1500g in weight, with 115 mm in width and 164 mm in height. That’s convenient enough for easy usage.

7. Full HD: Everyone wants clear images especially when the gimbal used comes from a reputable entity like Uascomponents. That’s why this particular gimbal comes with a 30x optical zoom to ensure an almost up-close HD view.

Why Is This System Convenient?

Besides being a reasonably priced camera gimbal, the USG-211 is highly effective in its job, making it very convenient for use especially on aerial platforms like drones and small manned aircraft.