GLS-1A Pneumatic UAV launching system

Pneumatic catapult launching system GLS-1A is designed to launch unmanned aerial vehicles with a takeoff weight of up to 40 kg at a speed of 17 m/s (61 km/h). At the same time, the launch speed of a lighter UAV can be higher, up to 20 m/s (72 km/h). Pneumatic catapult GLS-1A is capable of launching UAVs under various weather conditions and in the temperature range from -25° to +40 °C. We offer a full training course to operate the pneumatic catapult launcher for all customers.


9,7 kJportable catapult

20 m/sMaximum speed

15 min


Operational temp.:
-25° to +40°C  

Maximum weight
to launch : 40 kg 

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