Tracking antenna for UAV

UAV Tracking Antenna Unit 

Ground tracking antenna maximizes radio communication range between your drone and ground control station and therefore allows to use of the maximum potential of the data link. It uses the drone position information to accurately orient the antenna in the UAV direction. It’s necessary to have precision tracking systems when seeking to operate over long distances, which makes antennas a fundamental component.

What makes a great antenna for your drone? 

It should significantly increase the quality and rage of stable communication and provide a reliable HD video transmission. So, if you’re looking to buy a tracking antenna, we’d like to draw your attention to this exclusive tracking unit that matches these parameters and more! 
This tracking antenna unit enables high-quality video streaming out to long distances, ensuring perfect efficiency and high signal strength. 
The UAV antenna is equipped with a built-in video camera, which allows you to have visual control over your drone close to mid-range distance. Besides these advantages, the tracking antenna system can also be equipped with a directional high-gain antenna and omnidirectional backup data link so you can have full control over your UAV. 


Frequency 5 GHz

Supports MAVLink

Ethernet 150+ Mbps

Technical specifications


● Azimuth rotation: 360° continuous;● Elevation rotation: -30°C +90°C;● Height above ground:with mast: 5 m; with tripod: 2,5 m;● Tracking head payload: 10 kg;● Temperature: -25°C +45°C;● Humidity: 5-95%;


System Specifications:

● Frequency options: UHF, L-, S-, C-band;● Position calibration: Visual positioning control;● Serial Interface: RS-485;● Ethernet: 100Base-T;● Polarization: Dual polarized Vertical/ Horizontal polarization; ● MIMO system;● Environmental: IP54 rated;● Set up time with tripod: 15 minutes / 2 person;● Set up time with mast: 20 minutes / 3 person;● Pointing Accuracy: <10.


Features and advantages:

● DATA Rates: > 10Mbps;● Software Selectable: > 433 MHz, 900MHz, 2.4GHz &5.8GHz; ● Simultaneous: IP and Serial Data transmission;● Power outputs: 1W and 4W RF;● AES Encryption: 128-bit ;● High bandwidth connectivity to unmanned aircraft at distances: up to 100 km;● Continuous rotation: 360°;● Control Software Mavlink: Mission planner;● IP65 Rating: Aluminum enclosure.


● Spread out telescopic mast with the antenna tracker installed: 3800x3800x5800 mm;● Transports cases (from the bigger to the smaller): 1. 1720х570х920 mm;2. 1720x570x500 mm;3. 1720x570x260 mm;● Weight of the telescopic mast with installed antenna tracker: 200 kg;● Weight with transport cases: 370 kg.

Power Requirements:

● Input voltage: 24V;● Input current: 4A.

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