EO/IR camera gimbals for UAV

Drone gimbals

Our company offers a wide range of different gimbals for unmanned aerial vehicles. We are covering everything from gimbals for fixed-wing UAV for surveillance and search and rescue operations to 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbals for multi-rotor drones, such as DJI, that are commonly used for industrial applications, such as inspections, mapping, and other commercial tasks.
Our UAV gimbals feature Full HD cameras with 30x optical zoom, thermal cameras, onboard recording and other features that you need for your common UAV applications. We are also proud that we have more advanced features, such as digital video stabilization and target tracking, making your professional life a little bit easier.
Furthermore, we also offer additional equipment, for example, data links, remote controls, custom anti-vibration mounts and everything you need to make our drone gimbals plug-and-play solution out of the box. 

2-axis gyro-stabilized gimbals

Dome gimbals best suited for fixed-wing drones, small manned airplanes and helicopters. 



EO/IR gimbals that features sealed housing, Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom and thermal camera. 



Single sensor sealed gyro-stabilized gimbal with Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom. 

Need help selecting the right gimbal for your drone?

Ask our professional staff to help you select the right model. We will take into account the type of the drone you are using, your current tasks, type of information you need and other equipment being used. We have delivered hundreds of camera systems so far, and will help you to right one as well!

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3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbals

3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbals for multirotor drones. Best option for infrastructure inspections, pipeline monitoring and security applications. 



EO/IR gimbals with high-performance stabilization, Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom and thermal camera. 



Industrial-grade 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal with Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom and onboard recording.


USG-251 micro gimbal

Smallest of our gimbals. With a weight of just 350 g, it can be fitted on nearly any drone on the market. Despite its small size and lightweight, this gimbal features advanced Full HD camera with 10x optical zoom and optical video stabilization. Combined with high-performance gyro-stabilization it offers one of the best in class image quality!


Compact and lightweight

Compact and lightweight gimbals for different platforms and applications. 

Environmental protection

Weather sealed from rain and snow

Target tracking

Video processing with digital video stabilization and target tracking features


Anti-vibration mount is included with every gimbal to eliminate vibrations and improve image quality

HD Video

Full HD video with 30x optical zoom

ITAR free

Can be easily exported to your country. 

USG-212 basic edition sample video

Video footage from USG-212 basis edition installed on PD-1 drone. Basically, this is the type of the video you can get nearly from any aerial platform recommended for USG-212 gimbal. Real video from real life conditions.

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