USG-302 EO/IR Gimbal

Gimbal description

USG-302 is dual-sensor 3-axis gyro-stabilized gimbal. It is equipped with Full HD day-view camera and Flir Tau 2 thermal camera (or similar). This kind of gimbal is best used with professional multi-rotor drones, like DJI and other industrial-grade solutions. Together with the gimbal our company also supply anti-vibration damping mount with the gimbal. It can be customized based on the vibrations on the platform that you are planning to use a gimbal on. 

USG-302 sample video

Video footage from USG-302 EO/IR gimbal installed on DJI drone. Real video from real life conditions.



Weight: 2200 gWidth: 160 mmHeight: 266 mm


Anti-vibration mount is included with every gimbal to eliminate vibrations and improve image quality

Environmental protection

Weather sealed from rain and snow

Video recording

Onboard video recording on MicroSD card

HD Video

Full HD video with 30x optical zoom

ITAR free

Can be easily exported to your country. 

Technical specifications

General specifications

    Day-view camera Full HD with 30x optical zoom
    Thermal camera Flir Tau 2 or similar with lens 35 mm
    Anti-vibration mount
    Continuous rotation 360 degrees (slip ring)


    Weight: 1400 g
    Width: 160 mm
    Height: 266 mm


    Target tracking
    Digital video stabilization

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