USG-211 Camera Gimbal

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USG-211 is gyro-stabilized camera gimbal equipped with Full HD sensor. It can be mounted on any fixed-wing, multirotor or VTOL unmanned aerial vehicles, or even small manned aircraft and helicopters. In addition to gyro-stabilization, we use powerful real-time video processing module with such features as target tracking, onboard recording, and digital video stabilization.



Weight: 1500 gWidth: 115 mmHeight: 164 mm

Environmental protection

Weather sealed from rain and snow

Precision positioning

Know where you are looking.


Anti-vibration damping mount included

Full HD

Full HD day view camera with 30x optical zoom

Target tracking

Automatically follow your target

ITAR free

Can be easily exported to your country. 


Mission control software

Advanced mission control software for our camera systems comes as a part of the package. It allows to fully control the gimbal, see where the drone in flying on the map, see field of view of the camera on the map, add objects on the map, use augmented reality feature, allows to generate mission reports and much more. 

What is included in the package

Our gimbals come as turnkey solutions with everything you need to start operating them out of the box.

    USG-211 camera gimbal
    Video processing module
    Control software package
    Anti-vibration damping mount
    Video transmitter (optionally)
    Technical support package
    Rugged transportation case

Technical specifications


    Type: 2-axis gimbal
    Rotation angles: Yaw: 360°Pitch: +30° ... -100°
    Number of sensors: One (EO)
    Size (L x W x H): 118 x 118 x 217 mm
    Weight: 1.5 kg
    Electric consumption: 12 V1.2 A

EO sensor

    Resolution:2 MP
    Optical zoom:30x
    FOV (wide...tele):63.7° ... 2.3°
    Frame rate:30 F/S


    EO video out: HD-SDI (BNC 75 Ohm)
    Commands: Proprietary protocol Pelco-D compatibleMAVLink compatible (RS-19)

Looking for integration documents?

Fill the form to receive CAD drawings, ICD and other technical information needed from gimbal integration. 

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