UAV engine unit

General description

Our UAV propulsion module comes as a fully integrated solution. All systems come as one block for easy installation and maintenance. Our module is fully compatible with Pixhawk right out of the box, it has such great features as remote start, so you can start your UAV engine with just one click or push of a button, electric generator to power up all electric equipment on board of your drone. To give status information of the engine module it is equipped with fuel level sensor, engine temperature sensors, air temperature sensors, RPM sensor and much more useful features. System can even automatically restart the engine during the flight. As we have already mentioned our UAV engine module is fully compatible with Pixhawk and can be customized by our company to fit your drone. 


24V DC power bus optimized Starter-Generator System

500 W onboard electric generator

EMI Shielded Elecntronic Ignition System with RPM sensor

Remote start of the engine with a push of a button

Temperature sensor, fuel level sensor, RPM, included

Electronic Speed Controller with PWM control signal support


Add fueling station

Use our engine module together with fueling station for your maximum convenience. It is fast and safe way to refuel your UAV, as well as deflate the fuel after the flight, for the safe transportation of the UAV.

Technical specification

    RPM range: 1,500 - 6,300 RPM
    Engine operation temperature: 90-140° C
    Plug type: CM-6 spark plug
    Power: 7 HP
    Displacement: 6.1 cu. in. (100 cc)
    Oil type & content: 20 gas/1 oil ratio
    Fuel type: 95 Octane (RON)

    Fuel tank capacity: 11 L
    Empty weight: 7.8 kg
    Maximum working altitude: 5000 m
    Propeller: 26x12"
    Electric generator: 500 W
    Onboard power supply: nominal volt. 24 VDC
    Overcurrent protection: yes

    Battery capacity: 5400 mAh
    Onboard battery: 6S LiPo
    Sensors: temperature, fuel level, RPM
    Brushless motor alternator: yes
    Remote start: yes
    Starter Type: Electric
    Pixhawk compatible: yes

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