USG-231 EO gimbal

USG-231 gyro-stabilized mini gimbal with a Full HD camera suitable for fixed-wing and VTOL platforms. It is compact, lightweight, has a high-quality Sony camera, and an affordable price. It makes it a perfect choice for nearly any application.



Receive clear and stable video that allow for detailed observation of the area and precise identification of the object thanks to digital video stabilization.


Thanks to the Day-view camera Full HD with 30x optical zoom and 3x digital zoom, you can capture clear images of objects from distances exceeding 1000 m.


Easily track humans, vehicles, or any other objects using the automatic tracking of moving objects and receive real-time up-to-date information.


Easy-to-use payload control software

As part of the package, you will receive mission control software that allows you to control all gimbal features, including:

    Moving live map
    Supports joysticks and controllers
    Creation of objects on the map

In addition, the augmented reality feature can overlay street names and objects right on the live video.


Looking for more features for professional use?The optional software Aerowatcher is a reporting module that allows you to quickly generate a standardized report of your aerial surveillance.

lt will include general information about your flights, such as time and date, duration, total distance traveled, number of detected objects, and flight route. Following that, you'll find details about every object detected during the current session, including general information, coordinates, photos, and their location on the map. The report can be exported as a PDF file, making it easy to share with clients and decision-makers.

    Video information area
    Objects on the map
    Live map
    Augmented reality
    Reporting tools

PLUG AND PLAY easy integration

For all UAV users, we have a ready-to-use solution for the camera systems. All parameters are perfectly tuned, integration is very simple, just connect it and you can immediately carry out your mission.
The video processing block of USG-231 is designed to process video from gimbals or onboard cameras in real-time. It is fully compatible with Pixhawk family autopilot and can be used to process digital video signals. Enabling such features like digital video stabilization, target tracking, and IP streaming.

Technical specifications

General specifications

  • Day-view camera Full HD: 30x optical zoom

  • 3x digital zoom

  • CMOS matrix type

  • View angle 63.7°


  • non ois camera

    Digital video stabilization

  • Target tracking

  • Оnboard recording

  • Automatic focus control

  • Anti-fog feature


  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 105x107x120 mm

  • Artboard 32

    Camera weight 590 g

  • Weather sealed

Video processing block

  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 50x90x65mm

  • Artboard 32

    Video processing block
    weight 250 g

  • RTR IP-streaming

  • Ardupilot Compatible

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